Meet the Staff at CareNet

President - Barbara Singer

Director of Operations - Chris May

Director of Counseling - Heidi Bayer

Director of Communications - Beth Rockouski

Director of Abstinence Education - Andrea Nelson

Restore Director - Holly Zak

Assistant Director of Counseling - Cara Bain

Contract Educator - Tori Libby

Lead Abstinence Educator - Brett Crull

Abstinence Educator - Kristen Hallberg

Center Director - Downers Grove, Lindsay Zavitz

Center Director - Glen Ellyn, Lisa Penney

Center Director - Naperville, Kari Johnson

Communications Liaison - Diane Schroeder

Nurse Manager - Carla Sebaski

Client Services Assistants - Nicole Blamey, Glenda Rustrian

Event Coordinator - Beth Rockouski

Assistant to the President - Pat Lacy

Bookkeeper - Diane Van Drunen

Stewardship Team - Denise Winkelmann

Receptionist - Sharon Bacon

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